Thursday, June 28, 2012

Accent Nails

First "real" blog post!!
These are from the Julie G line by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. For the accent nails I used Metallic Heels. Then for the rest of my nails I used Bikini.

Bikini is a pink color with a touch of coral to it. It looks a little more coral than it does in person.. oh well. The application was okay. A little streaky but with two coats it's pretty opaque. Overall the polish is pretty good.

As for Metallic Heels, the polish is absolutely amazing. It was completely opaque with just one coat. Application was great, very smooth. I would highly recommend this polish to anyone!

First Post!

Welcome to my blog!
My name is Rachel and I have decided to share my love of polish with you!
Thanks to a good friend, my obsession started almost a year ago, and now I am here!
I am very excited to share swatches and nail designs with all you polish lovers out there!!

This is an adventure and I hope you follow me along on my journey! Enjoy!