Are those your real nails?

What top coat do you use?
Most of the time I use Out The Door by INM. This can be purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply.

How do you get your cuticles to look so nice?
Moisturize! To check out my cuticle care routine, click here!

Do you paint your other hand?
Rarely. I am changing my nail polish all the time, so why spend extra time on my other hand if it's just going to come off. That's not to say that I don't EVER paint my other hand. It still needs the TLC!

How do you clean the polish off your cuticles to get a neat line?
I just us a cheap angled paint brush from Walmart dipped in some pure acetone. Then I just follow the curve of my natural nail to wipe off the excess.

How do you make you nails square?
I rarely use nail clippers! I always use a nail file and file straight across in one direction. After I achieve my desired shape, I gently round the corners.

If you have any more questions, shoot me an email at lacqueredwithlove@yahoo.com.

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