Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hard Candy- Beetle

Hi guys!!
So today I have a very unique polish swatch for you all. I live in a small town and apparently this is one of the "harder to find" polishes in bigger cities, but since I live in a small town I can just run to Walmart and snatch this up! And that's what I did :) So, with that being said.. I give you Hard Candy Beetle!
This is one of THE prettiest polishes I own. I absolutely love it!!

This unique polish is a duo-chrome that shifts from a pink to an orangey to a green, although every time I look at it I find a new color!! Here I have 4 coats and a top coat. I think it would still look the same even if you layered it over black. Anyways, here are some pictures to show the duo-chrome shifting.

Isn't it to die for!!! I could stare at it all day!! This was my first Hard Candy polish and I am 100% satisfied! I really like the small brush and the application was problem at all :)

I would definitely recommend this polish to anyone! Hope you enjoy!!


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