Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sinful Colors- Gilded- Holiday 2013

Hey everyone!!

Recently I picked up a new shade from the Sinful Colors holiday collection! The collection is called "Decorate Decadently", with 5 different sub collections, if you will. The collection is composed of 26 colors, 16 new shades and 10 repromotes.

I picked up a new shade, Gilded, from the "sub-category"  Glitzed and Glittered. I think this color is absolutely gorgeous!

This color is somewhat sheer, but this is 2 coats by itself. 

As of late, mainstream nail polish brands have started coming out with more unique colors/glitter mixes. I feel like they are kind of taking on an indie style of polish making! I think this is neat, but it is kind of scary that resemblance some polishes have to other indie polishes. I think that this polish resembles Liquid Sky Lacquer Golden Rose, which I might add is beautiful. I just thought I would add that little tid bit of information.

If you don't like the sheerness of this polish, you could definitely layer this over a solid color! If you guys have any suggestions for Thanksgiving/Christmas nails, leave them in the comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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