Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nails Inc.- Baker Street & China Glaze- Pizzazz

Hello to all!! Alright, so today I have two untrieds for you guys! I am absolutely in love with the first one!! It was a major lemming of mine and I am now the very proud owner! For the first polish of this post, I have Nails Inc. Baker Street! This color is amazing in every way!! I highly recommend this polish!! This will be untried polish #2. Now some pictures so you and I can drool together!!

The bottle is amazing in itself!! Just look at it!! I just don't have any words for this!!

Props to Nails Inc. This polish is amazing!! I have a few polishes laying around on my polish desk, one which happened to be China Glaze Pizzazz, an untried polish waiting to be used. I thought it would make a great glitter combo with Baker Street. About to knock off untried #3! This is what I came up with!

A glitter gradient!! Now I know this isn't perfect, but it was my first attempt and practice makes perfect! I love it!! I think the two polishes paired really well together!!

Pizzazz was really easy to use and I think it turned out great!! What do you think??

I hope you enjoyed!!

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