Friday, April 19, 2013

Blue Nails for Autism- #3

Hey everyone!
Again I say... I'm sorry for not posting all week! Still trying to let my lil' nubs grow out!

So for this Friday's blue nails, I just have a swatch! Barielle Falling Star is so pretty though!! This polish is a creme blue base with small round copper glitters. I really like the look of this polish, but it was a bit of a pain in the behind to apply. First coat was great, but the second and third coats were a little thick. Before applying a third coat, I added some polish thinner from Sally's to it. It made just the slightest bit of a difference. Anyways, onto pictures!

Oh and I am sorry for the oily cuticles, gotta keep 'em looking good!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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