Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lush Lacquer- Clowning Around

Hello everyone!

Today I have the famous Clowning Around from Lush Lacquer to show you! This polish is absolutely gorgeous! There are so many different ways that this polish could be worn! After seeing Vanessa's (@mrslochness) post on Instagram wearing it over glitter, I knew I had to try that combination!

Look how gorgeous this is! I started with a base of Salon Perfect Diamond Dust, and then one coat of Clowning Around. I lightly dabbed this polish on, but it can be applied normally. I just wanted to get the bigger glitters where I wanted them.

I absolutely love this polish combo! Clowning Around can be purchased on Lush Lacquer's etsy. What do you think about this combo? Thanks for stopping by!

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