Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nail Care Series! Part 4- Top Coats

Good morning everyone! Today I have the last installment of my nail care series. Top coats!

Just like base coats, top coats are also essential! They will make your manicure last longer and give your nails a beautiful shine!

INM Out The Door

I'm going to start off with my all time favorite top coat at the moment, Out The Door! I absolutely love this stuff! It is a fast drying top coat that dries nail color in less than 60 seconds! Out The Door is also one of the thinner fast drying top coats, so it doesn't get thick and hard to work with half way through the bottle! I have never used Seche Vite, but I've heard that it shrinks your polish, meaning after application, the nail polish pulls away from the tips of your nail. Out The Door does not have that downside! No shrinkage here! I absolutely love this and would recommend it to anyone! This can be purchased at your local beauty store, such as Sally Beauty Supply, and online. Recently I have seen this product at my local Walmart  too!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

This top coat is another one of my top picks! I used this top coat before I discovered Out The Door. When I was using this for every mani that I did, I went through at least 4 bottles, maybe 5. I only made it through about half of the bottle though because it would get thick and clumpy, which was a downside. This is a fast drying top coat, but I find that since it was on the thicker side to begin with, it took a little longer to completely dry. In about a minute it would be dry to the touch, but I would wait at least an hour before I did some thing that could potentially mess up my nails, the reason being that my polish/top coat would get little dents in them. Other than that I love this topcoat and I would recommend it! This can be purchased at your local Walmart, or online.

Essie No Chips Ahead

This top coat by Essie is another one of the many top coats I have tried. I can't say that I loved this product, but it was ok. It did dry fast which was a good thing. The name of this product is No Chips Ahead, which I found odd. This being that that was the problem I had. I would notice chips in my polish within at least 24 hours of application, which was disappointing. I also found that there would be tiny scratches in my polish, which would give my nails a weird texture to them. I don't know if you would have the same problems, so why not give it a shot! This can be purchased at any drugstore, or online.

NYC Matte Me Crazy

A matte top coat!! This product can be used over any polish and will take that shine away to give it a matte look! I think that this one gets the job done! It also retail for about 2 dollars, which is almost a steal! I've never tried any other matte top coats, but I don't plan on it because this one does the trick for me! A plus side to any matte top coat is that they dry super fast! You can also play around with a matte top coat and get some really cool designs on your nails! This can be purchased at your local drugstore, Walmart, or online!


This topcoat will give you the look of gel nails without having to go to the salon! Use a coat of this under your nail polish, and a coat over your polish, and your good to go! This topcoat is also super shiny, and will make your mani last longer! I really have no idea what brand this is. It is just the top coat with the green lid! :P If anyone knows, tell me in the comments below! I purchased this at my local Sally Beauty Supply, but this can also be found online!

So that is my two cents about top coats! I think they are essential for any mani, plus they add some super shine! This was the last part of my nail care series! I really hope that you all enjoyed this! I had fun typing everything up! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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