Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nail Care Series! Part 2- Hand Care

Hello everyone! It is time for part two of my nail care series!!

So today we are going to be talking about hand care! I'm not really one to do too much about my hand care, but I have some products that I use!

Basin Sugar Scrub

I absolutely love this stuff! Last year while in Downtown Disney, I ventured into a store called Basin. This store is a bit like Lush and Bath and Body Works combined! I tried out their hand scrubs and  loved this one! The Basin website has a description of this product that reads, "Pure essential oils of lemon lime, grapefruit, and sweet orange with exfoliating power and raw sugar will leave your skin soft and silky smooth." This sugar scrub does in fact leave your skin soft and silky smooth! I usually use this product right after I remove my cuticles or when my hands feel dry. I would definitely recommend this product to someone! It can be purchased online or in one of their four locations!

Basin Satsuma Hydrator

This is another product from Basin that I love! This is one of their Hydrators (lotion) in the scent Satsuma. It can be purchased online on their site. I love the way this one smells! The scent Satsuma is like Japanese oranges! The product description reads, "A light non-greasy lotion made for moisture control with jojoba oil, vitamins E, C & D, and additional nourishing ingredients, leaving your skin smelling like fresh Japanese oranges." One thing that I love about this is that it is not greasy! 

Material Girl Midnight Magnolia

This lotion was given to me by a friend and she told me that she thought about keeping it for herself. I can see why! This stuff smells absolutely AH-MAZING! There are many different scents that you can purchase, and I am glad that I ended up with this one! If you don't like strong fragrances, I wouldn't recommend this to you, because it is quite strong! I personally don't mind, and I love the smell! I keep this sitting on my nail desk, and I love to use it after I have used acetone on my skin/nails. This lotion is a little greasy, but not too bad! This product can be purchased on Amazon.

Bath and Body Works Lotion

I think everyone has used/owned a Bath and Body Works lotion at one point in time! They come in so many scents! I happen to have like 15 and use random ones all the time! These are great to carry in your purse because they are very small! You can purchase them in a mini size or a full size! I prefer the mini size because I know I won't use up a full bottle as fast as I will a mini. I don't think that these lotions were made to be very moisturizing, they just smell good. I like to use these when I just need a little something on my hands, and I wouldn't depend on these for a deep repair lotion. They can be purchased in about any scent that you can think of on the Bath and Body Works site.

Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme

This intensive repair hand creme is awesome! I love to use this in the fall and winter months to keep my skin from cracking and peeling. This stuff really works! The product description reads, "Repairs dry, rough hands and cuticles with a creme specially formulated to moisturize and protect.
This unique, non-greasy formula intensively moisturizes, and is enriched with buffered alpha hydroxy to gently exfoliate. Discover noticeably smoother hands after just one application." This product is one that you can really massage into your hands and let it soak into your skin. This can be purchased on the Eucerin site, or at your local Walmart.

And that concludes my hand care routine! Nothing too special, just me routine! If you can, you should definitely try out some of these products! Stay tuned for part 3 next Saturday, base coats! Thanks for stopping by and reading! Have a great day!

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